AYSO Cross Cert

​​​​​​​​​​The purpose of this procedure is to guide AYSO referees to become US Soccer referees. The process steps are:

– go to www.michiganReferee.org
– click the Class Registration tab
– click item #1 To see a list of available classes”
– click the AYSO Cross Certification course
– click the class number 6598-AYSO
– click “To register for this course, please Login Here”
– click    “Don’t have a USSF Registration account?
Find Yours or Create One Here”
– click   “I have NEVER BEEN registered
as USSF Referee, Assessor, Instructor, or Assignor”
– if you have never been a USSF referee, check the box next to “I meet the requirements above and I am ready to create a new account”
– click the Continuebox
– enter your personal information following the directions on the form
– pay the cross-certification fees by credit card
– go through the background check if 18 or older
– download and print the following form AYSO/USSF Cross-Certification Agreement
– fill out the form and obtain the appropriate signature from the appropriate AYSO representative
– scan the signed form or create an image of it and email it to Carlos Folino at michSRA@comcast.net
– Carlos will verify your online information and the accuracy of the data in the attached form and mail you a Grade 8 badge and the law book.

Once you are approved, you will be a Referee grade 8. Applications received after July 1st will be valid through December of the following year; at that time you will need to attend a recertification class. Applications received after January 1st, will be valid through December of the current year; at which time you will need to attend a recertification class.

If you have any questions, please contact Carlos at SRAmich@comcast.net