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Team officials

When the IFAB LOTG started allowing the referee to show a yellow card or a red card, it was not new in Michigan. Especially because team officials’ negative behavior is anecdotally connected, at least partially, to the referee shortage and referee attrition, it is important that when we, as referees, see problematic behavior, we must address it appropriately.

The LOTG has three levels of misconduct for team officials: warn, caution, and send off. The days of “ask, tell, remove/dismiss” are gone. Now it is “warn, caution, and send off.” Law 12 has a lot of details about what behaviors warrant what sanction.
Below, you will see the referee taking an appropriate action against a team official who dissented by both word and action. This was not just a minor disagreement with the referee about a call. Therefore, the yellow card was the correct decision by the referee. It is also important to note that the AR raised his flag to get the referee’s attention. This was great teamwork.

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