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Upgrading Your Certification

If you desire to officiate the most competitive matches within Michigan and our region, you need to consider upgrading to a Regional referee.

Click on the button below to review 2024 U.S. Soccer Eligibility & Requirements as well as the required Fitness Test criteria.

  • Will you be 18 years or older by December 31, 2024?
  • Have you been a U.S. Soccer licensed referee for two (2) consecutive years?
  • Have you completed your current 2024 Referee Certification requirements?
  • Can you PASS the FIFA Women’s Referee Fitness Test?
  • Taking into consideration the previous game experience for ONLY ADULT AMATEUR level U.S. Soccer, affiliated 11v11 soccer matches, AND those you will have officiated by December 31, 2024,
    • Will you have the experience as the center referee for ~ 25 games and 15 as the assistant referee?
    • Youth games do not count toward this game count requirement.

If your answer is YES to all of the above, and if you want upgrade to a Regional referee, please complete the following steps:


Submit an application.


Email qualifying games to…

(only include ADULT AMATEUR level matches)
Please note – High School, College, and scrimmages don’t count


Register for a fitness test.

The deadline to submit your application to Upgrade to a Regional Referee is:

11:59PM, February 28, 2024.

Upgrade applications are subject to approval by the MRC upgrade committee.