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Class Types

Referee Certification Class
This is the entry class. This class is for people that want to obtain a referee certification for the first time, and will qualify you as a Grassroots Referee. Grassroots Referee Classes include both online instruction and a field session. ​Must be 13 years old to take this class.

Referee Recertification Class
These classes are required every year to maintain your current referee certification. This class is for all current grassroots referees who wish to recertify for the following year at the same certification level.

Note: If you took a summer grassroots referee certification class, you do not need to recertify until the end of the following year. For example, if your certification class was Summer 2021 (after July 1, 2021), you would not need to take the recertification class until the end of 2022. Your badge shows the following year.

Regional Referee Recertification Class
This class is only offered once a year.
It is for:
– Regional Referees who wish to recertify at the same grade level;
– Grassroots referees who have passed other requirements for upgrade; and
– Referees invited by the MRC

Note: In order to be considered for an upgrade to the regional certification, you must apply before February 28 of the same year.