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Almost all USSF certified assignors in Michigan use Game Officials software to offer game assignments. Games are offered through your Game Officials account (MI Ref Assigning, Group #1308). You accept (or decline) assignments via the same account. You may work with more than one assignor each season. Contact assignors by e-mail to let them know you want game assignments from them. Also contact them if you need help setting up your account to receive notice of game assignments via text and/or e-mail.

You can access additional Game Officials help by clicking on the link:

 ***Game Officials Help Videos***

Remember: In Game Officials, your beginning status each season shows you are never available for any assignments. You MUST enter times and days you will accept assignments if you want to be offered assignments. Promptly enter your availability, and update it as changes occur.

 Whether you work with one assignor or multiple assignors in a season, you are expected to accept the first assignments offered that fit the availability you entered. Once offered by the assignor, you only have 72 hours to accept the assignment or the system removes and offers it to another referee. If you frequently decline, or fail to accept, game assignments that match the availability you entered, assignors may stop offering game assignments to you.

Click the link below to access this year’s Certified Assignors and their contact information. You can search by: region, league, teams/venues and the assignor’s area code.

2023 Michigan Certified Assignors (v7 – Updated 9/10/23)

Accept assignments and have fun this season!

John Corbett                                       
Michigan State Director of Assignors