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Who made the best call 2024 #2

Big CONGRATULATIONS to Kaitlin who won the first “Who Made the Best Call” of the year. She received over 46% of the votes!

Here is the second round. We have four more clips.

Clip 1 (USL2, Rob Ruta, Offside)

Rob is going to try again. Another very tight and correct offside decision that denied a goal on this USL2 game.

Clip 2 (USL2, Max Unger, Movement)

This clip may not as dramatic as that on a red card or a PK. But you know how hard it is to keep high work rate throughout the game. Oftentimes we say to ourselves, “Oh, the GK is going to collect the ball so I won’t have to chase it” when a DF passes the ball back to their GK. But it only takes one small mistake by the GK to put the AR out of position to make what could be a game critical decision.

Clip 3 (USL2, Mark Lorkowski, Teamwork)

In this clip, a reckless challenge happens away from the referee. Although the referee was properly positioned, he was screened. On the other hand, Mark was in a good position to see the whole incident. Mark appropriately signals for a foul and gives information to the referee to have him issue a caution, which turned out to be the player’s second caution, resulting in a send-off.

Clip 4 (USLW, Kerry Martenis, Penalty Kick)

Kerry was well positioned to observe this careless challenge by the defender inside the penalty area. With good positioning, she calls a PK.

Who should win this time?

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