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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does my certification last? When do I need to re-certify?

How do I get games?

How do I find out who my assignor is?

How do I request a Referee Mentor?

Where do we buy jerseys? What color jerseys to buy first? Do we need both long sleeves and short sleeves?

What do I do if I play for a team and I am assigned to the same team, but a different age group?

How do we get more challenging games?

Who do we contact if we want more games?

How far do we have to drive?

What happens when we get injured during the game?

What should we do when a player gets injured?

What should we do when a parent, a coach, or a player abuses/assaults me?

What resources exist to assist in my education about officiating soccer and the Laws of the Game?