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SPA review

We have talked about SPA and its considerations before. S+S+O is an easy way to think about it. S+S+O stands for Speed, Space, and Option. But it is also important to remember that unlike DOGSO’s four criteria, S+S+O is not a check box. You may have a SPA situation without all S+S+O is met. You may also need to take other considerations into account beyond S+S+O.

In this video (LINK), you see a counterattack from a CK. The speed is high and there is a lot of space. One may, however, argue that there are not many options because the attacker does not have teammates around him. But because the speed is so high and there is so much space, the attacker can, for example, expect his teammates to catch up. Or he may dribble the ball himself. If there were four attackers with no additional defenders, you might find it easier to call it a SPA. You would see many options. But in this situation, even without teammates, you have a SPA.

The referee correctly identified this and issued a caution.

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