Continuing Education

We are happy to announce that during this winter season, we will be offering some continuing education sessions. These sessions are open to everyone and starts at 7:30pm (60-75 minutes in length). Please refer to the information below for the zoom link.

Each class will have a guest speaker who will talk for 30-35 minutes. After that, we will have a video clip technical session on a particular topic.

January 18

Special topic: Moving up the ladder from grassroots to national (Jacob Little)

Technical topic: Offside

January 29

Special topic: What professional referee assessors observe (Yuya Kiuchi)

Technical topic: Penalty Area Incidents

February 9

Special topic: Life as a national official (Christian Little)

Technical topic: Challenges

February 19

Special topic: Taking advantage of opportunities (Jake Brochu)

Technical topic: Tactical fouls

February 28

Special topic: Moving up the ladder from recreational to State Cup and beyond (Ron Grobbel)

Technical topic: Handball

March 15

Special topic: Moving up the ladder from State Cup to Regional and beyond (Francisco Villarruel)

Technical topic: Game Management

Zoom information:

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Meeting ID: 893 1248 1004
Passcode: ConEdu