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Who made the best call 2024 #1

“Who made the best call?” is back!! Anyone whose match is streamed or available as video can win the bragging rights!

We have four candidates for this round. Who do you think shoud win? Please vote using the link at the bottom of the page. Each clip title serves as the link to the clip.

Clip 1 (MWPL, Tyler Gregory, Teamwork)

In this video, the referee missed the fact that the goal scorer covered his face with his jersey. This is a cautionable offence. Tyler, AR1, observed the incident and correctly called the referee over to communicate what had happened. Based on the input from Tyler, the referee correctly issued a caution.

Clip 2 (NISA, Rob Ruta, Offside)

This is a very tight decision. But Rob was appropriately positioned to see that the attacker who scored the goal was offside. He correctly signaled it by raising his flag and the referee canceled this goal.

Clip 3 (USL-2, Justin Janulewicz, Advantage)

There was a clear foul in the middle of the field. But Justin recognized that the long pass would result in a scoring opportunity. So instead of calling a foul and giving a FK in the midfield, Justin played advantage, which led to a goal.

Clip 4 (USL-W, Kaitlin Girbach, Delayed Caution)

In this clip, you see a white player recklessly charging a red player who had just taken a FK. Kaitlin correctly identified this as a cautionable offence. But instead of stopping the game right away, she allowed the play to continue. At the next stoppage, she issued a caution to the white player.

Who should win this time?

Submit your vote here.

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