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Michigan Referee Program / Mentors/Coaches


Teaching and First Time Referee Course

How to Get Paid (RefInsight Update coming soon!)

Mentors and DDRDs List

Expense report for mileage

Important Links for 2023 (soon to be out of date)

Expense report for mileage

Field session resources (updated on August 23, 2021)

FIFA Considerations (updated on November 12, 2023)

Considerations (Be careful. Last updated in January 2019. Some information is out of

USSoccer Position Papers (updated on November 6, 2023)

Challenge Considerations (Feb 12, 2022 session)

Offside: Deflection vs. Deliberate Play (August 2022)


Dropped ball

Kicks from the Penalty Mark 2022 (PPT slides; Video)

Kicks from the Penalty Mark 2021 (PPT slides; Video)