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AYSO Cross Certification

The purpose of this procedure is to guide AYSO referees to become US Soccer referees. The process steps are:

AYSO Intermediate and higher referees must complete an AYSO – USSF Cross Certification Agreement form and get it signed and approved by your Area Referee Administrator or the Section Referee Administrator.  

Send an email with the approved form to Jim DeBrabander at and also to Carlos Folino at requesting cross certification to Us Soccer.
Your request will be evaluated and after evaluation you will receive an email with information of what to do next.

Once you are approved, you will be a USSF Referee Grassroots Referee. Applications received between January 1st and July 1st, will be valid through December of the current year; at which time you will need to attend a re-certification class. Applications received after July 1st will be valid through December of the following year; at that time you will need to attend a re-certification class. Unlike AYSO, USSF referees must re-certify every year.

Keep in mind that:  AYSO referees levels Intermediate or higher only can cross over to a USSF Grassroots Referee.

Depending on age and experience; some AYSO referees who are not eligible to cross certify directly, may be eligible to take the USSF Grade 8 course instead of the normal USSF entry level Grade 9 class to become a USSF Referee. Please email Jim DeBrabander to determine if you are eligible.

If you have any questions, please contact Carlos at or Jim at .