Locating/Becoming a Certified Assignor

Certified assignors are the crucial link between games that need referees assigned,
and referees who want to be assigned to games. The assignors should know the refereeā€™s
strengths and assign games that challenge their knowledge, management skills and fitness
to help them progress to more competitive play within affiliated leagues. The progression
includes local, state, regional and national competitions as well as MLS and World Cup
Michigan assignors are certified by the Michigan Referee Committee for the
United States Soccer Federation. Certification is per calendar year (January 1 through
December 31) and classes are held in late fall/early spring. Registration is via the
following link:
Assignor Classes
The entry (certification) class must be attended in-person for the full scheduled
class time (four hours). Additionally, there are modules to be completed prior to class.
These modules are accessed by clicking the “LOAD SESSION TRACKER” rectangle on
the registration page. The class and all modules must be completed before links are
enabled to permit assigning in Game Officials.
The recertification class may be in-person or by video link. Class attendance and
completion of all modules are required prior to receiving access to 1308 for the following
calendar year.

John Corbett
State Director of Assignors
Michigan Referee Committee