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DOGSO or advantage

On a game, we are sometimes faced with a decision that has a single correct answer. For example, you observe a challenge and you decide it is a foul. If it was a foul, you made a right decision. If it was not a foul, it was a wrong decision.

But sometimes we are faced with a decision that does not have a single correct answer. What is there is a possible DOGSO situation where you could give advantage. In the video below, the referee is faced with such a difficult decision. There is a possible DOGSO situation but the attacker continues to play. The referee gives an advantage. But the attack ends near the top of the penalty area. Was this the right decision? Was there a better option? Hindsight is 20/20.

What is important is self-reflection. First of all, was this a DOGSO situation or a SPA situation? Was the referee aware of the risk associated with giving advantage on misconduct?

This is not a matter of right or wrong. It is the matter of how you process the situation in front of you and make a decision.

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