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Who Made the Best Call #2

I was not going to do the second entry until June but Michigan referees are doing so well on the field that I already have four candidates to release “Who Made the Best Call #2.” Ryan Homik was the inaugural winner. So whoever wins this round can remind Ryan that he is no longer the most recent winner.

Clip 1 (USL-W, Audra Fullen, Injury Management)

In this clip, Audra recognized a possible head injury happend with the GK after she collided with an attacker. Her reaction to the incident (i.e. gesturing to the trainers to come on to the field) is best practice.

Clip 2 (USL-W, Kaitlin Keck, Penalty Area Decision)

There is a foul by the defender inside the penalty area as soon as the attacker successfully goes around her. Kailtin is positioned well to observe this challenge from the side, in other words without having her view shield by anyone’s body. 

Clip 3 (MWPL, Jason Cross, Advantage)

With only a minute or two left in the game with the 1-0 score, Jason gives an advantage on a reckless challenge. The team proceeds to score a goal to make it 2-0, securing their win. Because the advantage was given on a reckless challenge, Jason correctly issues a caution after the goal, before the kick off.

Clip 4 (USL-C, Joe Suchoski, Teamwork)

Honestly I don’t what it is about these national ARs who want to appear in our “Who Made the Best Call” but I guess they’re like us. They want to brag their good calls. In this clip, violent conduct happens outside the referee’s view. Joe sees it and communicates the information correctly to the referee. The referee takes Joe’s advice and send the player off.

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