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SPA is about S+S+O

We talk quite a bit about DOGSO (Denial of an Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity) and how it has four criteria (i.e. distance between the offence and the goal, general direction of the play, likelihood of keeping or gaining control of the ball, and location and number of defenders). What kind of criteria do you think exist for SPA (Stopping of a Promising Attack)?

Although the LOTG do not provide us with a specific set of criteria, one of the ways we can judge if an offense is a SPA or not can be summarized as S+S+O. What does this mean?

S: Speed. The higher the attacking speed, the more promising the attack.

S: Space. The more relevant space the attacking team has, the more promising the attack.

O: Options. The more options the attacking team has, the more promising the attack.

Unlike DOGSO for which all four criteria must meet, SPA does not come with a “mandatory check box.” Furthermore, S+S+O is one of several ways to judge SPA. But keeping this S+S+O concept in your mind could help you identify SPA on your next match.

The video below is a good illustration of how to use S+S+O to judge SPA.

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