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Escape route

When a play gets close to you and you are afraid that you would be in the way of the players, what do you do? We simple back step to move away. While this may work from time to time, have you had a situation where the play also followed you and you remained in the way?

We oftentimes think of backpedaling as the one and only way to stay out of an active play area. But we must use our anticipation skills and agility to remain out of the way. Sometimes, moving to the side can be a much better option.

In the video clip below, you will see a referee correctly recognizing that he would be in the way. He decides to move backwards. But the play follows him. As a result, he almost got hit with the ball. But see how much space he had to his left. Had he moved to his left, he would have maintained an equally good view of the play without being in the way of the players.

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