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Who Made the Best Call? #1

Every 5 to 7 weeks, we will share sevral video clips to decide which Michigan referee made the best call. Below you will find the video of our referees in action and a link where you can vote. The winner of this inaugural “Who Made the Best Call” competition will win the bragging rights as the inaugural winner.

Clip 1 (NISA, Ryan Homik and Rob Ruta, Teamwork)

In this video, Ryan (referee) and Rob (AR1) both were patient enough to “wait and see” on a possible foul. Once they were certain that a FK would be more beneficial to the attacking team than an advantage or letting them play, they called a foul together. If one of them had called a foul prematurely, it could have easily denied a good advantage situation.

Clip 2 (NLC, Rob Ruta, Advantage)

Clip 3 (MLSN, Jeremy Shultz, Teamwork)

In this clip, the referee awards a PK but Jeremy is certain that there was no foul by the defender. Because he was very confident about his decision and he had a very good view of the challenge, he asks the referee to come over and shares his decision. This allowed the referee to cancel his PK decision and restart the game with a dropped ball. This is a great display of teamwork by Jeremy but also for the referee to listen to his AR and takes his advice.

Clip 4 (MLSNP, Jake Brochu, Offside)

Yes, it may be a bit unfair to have a national official here but look at how tight this offside decision was and Jake was able to correctly call offside, which denied a goal that was going to tie the game.

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