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Who made the best call #3

We have another set of four clips! Who made the best call this time??

Clip 1 (USL-W, Kerry Martenis, Injury Management)

In this clip, the ball hits the player in her head. The ball speed was high. Although the player reacts fine after the referee stops play, the replay shows that her head was snapped backwards because of the speed of the ball. When a high-speed ball hits a player in their head and the player falls, we must stop the game. Always err on the side of caution. This was a great decision by Kerry.

Clip 2 (NPSL, Aaron Scherer, Teamwork)

The white attacker in an offside position challenges the opponent for the ball and then commits a reckless challenge. But after that, expectedly, the white player quickly moves away and gets mixed in with his teammaters. In the meantime, an orange player talks to the referee, making it difficult for the referee to retain all the information. Aaron, however, was able to keep an eye on the player who had committed the foul. As a result, the referee was able to correctly issue a caution with the help of Aaron’s input.

Clip 3 (USL-2, Meghan Brasseur, Advantage)

The attacker got fouled by the GK. The last touch by the attacker before the collision was not very convincing. But Meghan was patient. She knew that the ball was headed to the goal so gave herself a second or two to observe what was about to happen. She could have easily blown her whistle to give a PK. But her patience allowed this goal to happen.

Clip 4 (USL-W, Kaitiln Girbach, Offside)

This is an extremely tight offside decision. But Kaitlin was perfectly aligned to make this decision. The attacker was onside by a few inches, at most. A situaion like this would look like offside because of flash lag. But Kaitlin was correct to keep her flag down for the attacker being onside and allowed this goal to happen.

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