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Who made the best call #5

Congratulations Marcus fro winning the last Who Made the Best Call with his PAI decision. But Jason was a very close second (he was only a vote behind).

This time, we have four more clips.

Clip 1 (USL-2, Kaltilin Girbach, Offside)

Kaitlin is a very frequent name on this Who Made the Best Call series. She has been doing great this season. We have another great call by her. Her offside deicion was tight by less than a foot. But in addition, after she flagged the play for offside, she recognized that players were still running and chasing the ball. So she kept her eyes on them just in case something bad happened.

Clip 2 (USL-2, Jeremy Valentine, SPA)

As a South Bend player loses the ball to a Lansing attacker, the SB player holds the shirt of the LAN attacker. The hold is relatively small. But it was enough to stop the attacker from moving forward with speed. The impeding of the movement was clear. This is a tactical foul. Jeremy correctly recognizes it and issues a caution. It is easy to miss something like this. 

Clip 3 (USL-W, Carlie Castiglione, Offside)

We have another great onside decision by our official. This time, Carlie has an attacker onside by a few inches at most. She correctly recognizes this very tight decision to keep her flag down. From her correct onside decision, a goal was scored.

Clip 4 (USL-W, Meghan Brasseur, Advantage)

Meghan is another frequent official who is doing really well this year. This time, she gave an advantage during the build up of play, which resulted in a goal. Look how calm she is. She does not rush to blow her whistle when she sees a foul. She gives herself time to process what she saw and allows the play to continue.

Who do you think should win this time??

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