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Who made the best call #6

Congratulations, Meghan, for winning Who Made the Best Call #5! She received over 80% of the votes! Now it is time for another one!

Clip 1 (USL-W, Meghan Brasseur, Teamwork)

In this video, the referee is delayed and missed a clear tripping offence by the GK. Although the incident happened on the other side of the field, 50 meters away from Meghan, she correctly provides the referee with the correct information. Based on her input, the referee correctly gives a PK. This is both a great involvement by Meghan but also great acknowledgement of information from AR1 by the part of the referee.

Clip 2 (USL-2, Justin Janulewicz, Wait-and-see)

When you hear the expression, “wait and see,” you may think it is about ARs. But in reality, referees can also wait-and-see. They can give themselves an extra second or two before making a decision just to see what might happen. Justin delays his whistle to give himself a chance to see what might happen with the attack after an attacker seemingly breaks away from a foul.

Clip 3 (USL-W Playoff, Conference Semi-final, Audra Fullen, Attacking handball)

Have you heard of attacking handball? An attacker is not allowed to score a goal directly from their hand/arm or immediately after the ball makes contact with hand/arm, even if accidental. In this situation, Audra was quick to recognize that the ball hits the left arm of the attacker. The attacker has only a few yards to the goal line with a poorly positioned GK. Audra was smart to blow her whistle right away to give a FK to the defending team. 

Clip 4 (USL-W Playoff, Conference Final, Meghan Brasseur, SPA)

I know, I know…. Another Meghan clip. But she makes good decisions. In this clip, this is a textbook case for SPA. The control piece is lacking for this to be a DOGSO but this is an example of a correctly given SPA. 

Who should win this time?

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